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Comadres Unidas (Friends United) - Latina SafeHouse

303-433-4470 · Confidential

Provides a six-week support group in a safe, undisclosed environment to address unresolved trauma, anxiety, and depression resulting from domestic violence. Referrals are provided to partnering organizations for more extensive individualized counseling. Emphasis is placed on the values of family…


Domestic Violence Services - Advocate Safehouse Project

970-945-4439 · Confidential

Advocate Safehouse Project provides a variety of domestic violence services as well as promote healthy relationships through education, advocacy and empowerment. The following services are confidential. Services include: - 24-Hour Help Line - Offers crisis intervention, client education, emotional support, advocacy,…


LGBTQ Services - S.H.A.R.E., Incorporated

(970) 867-4444 Ext 26 · Confidential

Addresses intimate partner violence in LGBTQ relationships and provides resources. LGBTQ victims of IPV may face: - Threats of being outed - Pressure to be out or for being “too” out - Isolation from family, friends, community - Emotional abuse …

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