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OAA - Senior Legal Assistance Service (Pueblo) - Colorado Legal Services

719-545-6708 · 1000 W 6th Ave, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

Provides legal assistance and representation to seniors ages 60 and older; priority is given to individuals with the greatest social or economic need. Representation includes, but is not limited to: …


Victim Assistance - ACOVA (A Community Organization for Victim Assistance)

719-553-2460 · 909 Ct, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

A law enforcement-based service that provides on-scene assistance for victims. Provides crisis intervention, emotional support, information on the judicial system, information on resources in the community, and follow-up if necessary.


Advocacy for Individuals Living with Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities - Arc of Pueblo

719-582-1120 · 2705 Vinewood Ln, Pueblo, CO, 81005 · Map

Provides advocacy services to safeguard the right of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Advocates can help individuals with the following: - Requests to attend school - Residential and vocational meetings …


Children's Health Plan Plus and Medicaid Enrollment - Pueblo Stepup

719-557-3878 · 1925 E Orman, Pueblo, CO, 81004 · Map

Conducts screening and application assistance to enroll children under age 19 in government sponsored health insurance plans, either Medicaid or Children's Health Plan Plus (CHP+). CHP+ is for children whose families earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but…


OAA - Benefits and Forms Assistance - Senior Resource Development Agency

719-583-6611 · 230 N Union Ave, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

… disabled individuals with assistance and/or referrals to appropriate social service programs such as: - Adult Medicaid - Food Assistance - Financial Assistance - Long Term Care Medicaid - Home and Community Based Medicaid. Also provides assistance completing the …


OAA - Senior Transportation - Senior Resource Development Agency

719-543-9983 · 230 N Union Ave, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

… seniors in Pueblo. The program provides wheelchair accessible curb-to-curb service to the City and County of Pueblo.


Medical Services - Parkview Medical Center

719-584-4000 · 400 W 16th St, Pueblo, Colorado, 81003 · Map

… Senior Programs - Breastfeeding Education and Support - Cardiac Services - Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation - Chemical Dependency Services - Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Services - Child/Adolescent Substance Abuse Program - Childbirth Education - Continuing Care Services - Diabetes Care Center - Diabetes …


Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) - Pueblo County Social Services

719-583-6160 · 212 W 12th St, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

Provides long-term care services in the home or a community setting, including day care and respite care, rather than in a nursing home or hospital. Full Medicaid medical benefits are provided through HCBS …


Pueblo-13th Street Location

719-546-6666 · 509 E 13th St, Pueblo, CO, 81001 · Map

Detox DUI (Male and Female) Methadone, Detox (24 hr) Outpatient Services Offender Outpatient Perinatal Outpatient Men-Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT), Transitional residential Treatment (TRT), Short-Term Intensive Residential Remediation Treatment(STIRRT-offender based)


Health Care and Support Services - St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center

719-557-4000 · 1008 Minnequa Ave, Pueblo, CO, 81004 · Map

Provides the following health care services : - diabetes education and counseling - outpatient wound care and x-ray services - inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation - occupational medicine - endocrinology - podiatry - pediatrics - cancer clinical …


Adult Protective Services - Pueblo County Social Services

719-583-6853 · 212 W 12th St, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

… because the individual is unable to perform or obtain services necessary for the individual's health, safety, or welfare or lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions concerning the individual's person or affairs". Adults who might …


Home Care Allowance and Adult Foster Care - Pueblo County Social Services

719-583-6160 · 212 W 12th St , Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

… assistance to elderly and disabled individuals for unskilled care services paid directly to a home care provider of the client’s choice. The financial allowance must be used to purchase specific chore, personal care, and support services. The home care …


Mortgage/Rent/Utility Assistance - Catholic Charities Diocese of Pueblo

719-544-4233 · 429 W 10th St, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

Provides rent or mortgage payments for clients whose payments are delinquent and who meet eligibility requirements. Also assists families or individuals with delinquent electricity, gas, or water bills. Assistance for both programs is limited to once per year, three times…


Business Services - Pueblo Workforce Center

719-562-3740 · 212 W 3rd St, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

Provides business services for employers including labor market exchange, human resources supplemental services, and assessment testing.


Pueblo-Baltimore Ave. Location

719-545-1181 · 3500 Baltimore Ave, Pueblo, CO, 81008 · Map

… Treatment(STIRRT-offender based) 3500 Baltimore Avenue STAR-TC and Sober Living 3470 Baltimore Avenue Services include: Perinatal


Drop-In Shelter - Posada

719-545-8776 · 225 Colorado Ave, Pueblo, Colorado, 81004 · Map

… drop-in shelter offering comprehensive case management and the following services : - mail and message service - basic needs assistance - on-site health clinic - emergency shelter - shower and laundry vouchers - transportation assistance - mental health counseling - …


OAA - Aging and Disability Resources for Colorado (ADRC) - Senior Resource Development Agency

719-583-6611 · 230 N Union Ave, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

… Disability Resources for Colorado (ADRC) offers information and assistance services to seniors, 60 years of age and older, and individuals with disabilities, 18 years of age and older. Assistance may include information or access to: - Eldercare locator - …


Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs - Pueblo City-County Health Department

· 101 W 9th St, Pueblo, CO, 81003 · Map

… to manage a wide range of questions, concerns and services for their child with special health care needs through: - Help finding screenings, clinics, medical care, health and community services, financial resources (including insurance assistance), family support groups, transition services, …


Pueblo-Bonforte Location

719-404-1992 · 1615 Bonforte, Pueblo, CO, 81001 · Map

Adolescent Services Outpatient services-includes intensive, regular and co-occurring Special Connections-Women only

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