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Resource Category Description
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) A federal income maintenance program administered by the Social Security Administration that provides basic financial assistance in the form of monthly checks for people who are age 65 and older, blind or have a disability and who have little or no income and resources.
Medicaid Information/Counseling Programs that offer information and guidance for people who may qualify for Medicaid including those who do not have access to insurance provided by an employer, cannot afford privately purchased health insurance or cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs associated with a health insurance [read more]
Long Term Care Options Counseling Programs that offer an interactive decision support process that helps individuals in need of long term care and their families understand their strengths, needs, preferences and unique circumstances and weigh the pros and cons of available alternatives.
Certified Application Counselor Programs Programs other than official navigators or in-person assisters (IPAs) that connect consumers to the Affordable Care Act's expanded health care options and facilitate enrollment through the marketplace.
In Person Crisis Intervention Programs that provide an opportunity for people who are emotionally distressed and/or for their significant others to meet face-to-face with someone who has been trained to assess and resolve the immediate crisis, if possible, and to link the person with appropriate resources for ongoing assistance.
General Crisis Intervention Hotlines Programs that provide immediate assistance for people who are emotionally distressed with the objective of defusing the crisis, ensuring the person's safety and helping the person to take the next immediate steps toward resolving the problem.
Developmental Assessment Programs that provide a comprehensive, structured evaluation of a child's cognitive/intellectual functioning, language and communication skills, independent living skills, social and emotional development and perceptual/motor functioning in order to identify individuals [read more]
Developmental Screening Programs that offer a procedure that is designed to identify children who should receive more intensive assessment or diagnosis for potential developmental delays. Screening tools can be specific to a disorder (e.g., autism), an area (e.g., cognitive development, language, or [read more]


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