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Education Resources

Transition Services for Students With Disabilities Programs that provide support for children with disabilities who are moving from one kind of program setting or service provision system to another.
Public Special Schools Separately organized district, county or state schools at preschool, elementary or secondary levels that are established for the purpose of providing educational services for children with disabilities whose needs cannot be met in special classes or centers in a regular educational facility.
Nonpublic Special Schools Private educational institutions at preschool, elementary or secondary levels that are established for the purpose of providing educational services for children with disabilities.
Independent Living Skills Instruction Programs that assist people who have disabilities to learn the basic skills of daily living through individual and group counseling and instruction, experience and practice in coping with real or simulated life situational demands; or through the use of assistive devices, [read more]
Developmental Disabilities Social/Recreational Programs Community-based day programs that provide training in community integration and self-advocacy specifically as they relate to recreation and leisure pursuits.
Adult Development Centers Community-based programs that provide supportive services for adults with developmental disabilities who have indicated that they wish to develop skills in the areas of community involvement, self-advocacy, self-care and/or employment training.
Developmental Disabilities Activity Centers Community-based day programs that provide social and recreational opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities who generally have acquired most basic self-care skills, have some ability to interact with others, are able to make their needs known and respond to instructions.
In Home Developmental Disabilities Habilitation Programs Programs that provide habilitation services whose goal is to help individuals with developmental disabilities who reside within the family home achieve maximum independence, integration, individualization and productivity in both home and community settings.


Employment Resources

Comprehensive Disability Related Employment Programs Programs broadly available to individuals with disabilities in general (rather than focusing on special groups within the disability population) that provide vocational assessment, job development, job training, job placement, specialized job situations and/or other supportive [read more]
Vocational Rehabilitation Programs that enable individuals with disabilities, people who abuse drugs or alcohol, or people who have emotional problems to obtain the training and employment experiences they need to achieve economic self-sufficiency.
Disability Related Center Based Employment Programs that provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn and practice work skills in a separate and supported environment.
Supported Employment Programs that find paid, meaningful work in a variety of community-based settings for people who have disabilities and which assign a "job coach" to work side-by-side with each client to interface with the employer and other employees, and provide training in basic job skills and [read more]
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