What can you do to support Colorado 2-1-1?

Colorado 2-1-1 provides 24/7 statewide coverage.  However, Colorado 2-1-1 must be funded to continue to sustain professional staff and technology support in order to respond to community needs and disasters across Colorado.  You can help:


CONTRIBUTE  funds to solidify the statewide network and access to 2-1-1 through telephone and database integration


ADVOCATE and share the importance of 2-1-1 community leaders, legislators, funders, and citizens


CHECKOFF  the Colorado 2-1-1 First Call for Help Fund on your 2012 Colorado income tax form


Supporting 2-1-1 helps fellow Coloradoans find vital services such as emergency shelter, food, rental and utility assistance, child care, health care and more. By dialing 2-1-1 families and individuals can help when they need it most.