How it Works

Accessing 2-1-1

Callers can speak live with referral specialists and receive comprehensive community information by dialing the three-digit number 2-1-1, or they may access health and human services online by searching the regions where 2-1-1 is available in the 2-1-1 database.

2-1-1 is accessible in nearly 100 percent of land-lined home phones and is a free, confidential call. Most call centers have Spanish speaking referral specialists available as welll as access to a language translation service. The 2-1-1 Colorado Collaborative works with phone service providers in Colorado to provide free access to 2-1-1 to all citizens of Colorado.


Dialing 2-1-1 from Cell, Business, Pay Phones

  • Cell Phones:
    Most wireless providers carry 2-1-1 dialing. Dialing 2-1-1 may or may not incur minute usage or an additional fee. You can also dial the local 10-digit number in your area.

  • Business Phones:
    Companies who use PBX (private business exchanges – offices that use extensions) may not be set up to accommodate 2-1-1. If you are unable to access 2-1-1 from your office, contact your phone system administrator to see if your system can be programmed to make 2-1-1 calls. In the meantime, please use the local 10-digit number in your area.

  • Pay Phones:
    Calls to 2-1-1 may or may not be a free call. It varies from vendor to vendor.