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Emergency Housing

Maternity Homes Programs that provide shelter, care and support services, which often include counseling regarding future plans and instruction in child care and development, for pregnant women who are unable to remain in their own homes.
Post Pregnancy Shelter/Transitional Housing Programs that provide a safe, secure living environment and supportive services (which may include educational opportunities, life skills training, financial planning, parenting education and counseling) for single mothers and their infants following birth [read more]. 
Homeless Drop In Centers Centers where homeless people can spend time during the day or evening [read more].
Community Shelters Programs, usually sponsored by community organizations or coalitions, that provide temporary shelter for homeless people, generally in dormitory-style facilities with very little privacy [read more].
Transitional Housing/Shelter Programs that provide extended shelter and supportive services primarily for homeless individuals and/or families with the goal of helping them live independently and transition into permanent housing [read more].


Intimate Partner Violence

Domestic Violence Hotlines Programs that provide immediate assistance for women and men who have experienced domestic abuse which may include steps to ensure the person's safety; short-term emotional support, assistance with shelter, and other related services [read more].
Domestic Violence Shelters Programs that provide temporary emergency shelter for individuals, primarily women, who have experienced domestic violence/abuse, and for their children [read more].
Domestic Violence Motel Vouchers Programs that provide people who are experiencing domestic violence with a temporary place to stay (usually one to three nights) [read more].
Spouse/Intimate Partner Abuse Counseling Programs that provide individual, conjoint, family or group treatment for individuals who are being physically, sexually and/or emotionally abused by their partners, and/or for perpetrators [read more].
Domestic/Family Violence Legal Services Programs that provide information and guidance and/or representation in court proceedings for individuals who have been abused in an intimate relationship and/or for people who are facing a summary conviction offence or criminal charge for perpetrating abuse [read more].


Legal & Enforcement

Child Support Assistance/Enforcement Programs that provide assistance which helps to ensure that parents fulfill their mutual obligation to financially support and provide health care for their children [read more].
Protective/Restraining Orders Programs that provide assistance for people who need to obtain legal protection to prevent harassment, stalking or violence in situations involving child abuse, domestic abuse, elder abuse, abduction, sexual assault, stalking or other forms of harassment or the threat of workplace violence [read more].


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